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    Regulations of Participation in TAMAS 2019

    1. Definitions
    A.Exhibitor refers to the individual, company, association or organization which submits a written application for participation to participate in this exhibition.
    B. Exhibition refers to TAMAS 2019 (The 13th Agricultural Machinery Show in Daejeon).
    C.Organizer refers to KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
    D.Manager refers to KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and DIME (Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise)

    2. Application for Participation and Selection
    A. Those who intend to apply for participation in exhibition shall prepare written application for participation to send it to manager.
    B. The applicant's booth scale and permission of participation shall be decided by manager in consideration of propriety of items for exhibition and whether to participate in the relevant exhibition.

    3. Allocation of Exhibition Area
    A. Manager shall allocate exhibition position for each exhibitor in consideration of application date, nature of exhibited items, application area, date of deposit, number of participation and other rational methods.
    B. In special case, manager may request exhibitor to change the position of allocated exhibition position and area before the term of exhibition installation. Since this alteration is the manager's own discretion, exhibitor shall not claim compensation for the result of alteration.
    C. Exhibitor cannot cancel participation on account of allocating exhibition area and the already paid participation fee shall not be repaid.

    4. Management of Exhibition Booths
    A. Manager may order immediate suspension, destruction or removal if exhibitor exhibits items different from those specified on the written application for participation, exhibits items which do not comply with the nature of exhibition or resale of exhibition area. In this case, exhibitor cannot claim indemnity for this action.
    B. If necessary, manager may restrict specific person from entering exhibition hall.
    C. Exhibitor shall immediately comply with the manager's order for suspension, destruction or removal specified in Article 4 Section 1. Otherwise, manager may destroy the booth at its discretion.
    D. Exhibitor shall not modify the floor, ceiling, pillar, wall, etc of exhibition booth, e.g., painting. If exhibition booth is damaged, exhibitor shall indemnify for damage as per manager's request for restoration to original state.
    E. Exhibitor shall not arbitrarily use extra hub on the LAN applied in advance and manager may restrict the use thereof.

    5. Payment of Installation Fees and Management Expenses
    A. Exhibitor shall pay 50% of booth participation as contract deposit within 1 week after applying for participation. The balance of participation fee in 50% and separately applied technical assistance fee shall be wholly paid by August 30, 2019.
    B. Unless exhibitor pays 50% of booth participation fee without prior discussion with manager after applying for participation, the application for participating in the exhibition shall be cancelled.
    C. If exhibitor uses extra electricity, phone, LAN, supply and distribution of water, compressed air without separate application (including addition), the manager may claim the charge after measuring the quantity.
    D. Unless installation fee and management expense are paid in time, manager shall not provide installation, electricity, LAN, supply and distribution of water, compressed air, etc.

    6. Cancellation or Alteration of Exhibition
    A. If sponsor cancels exhibition, the paid participation fee and additional cost shall be totally repaid to exhibitor. However, it shall not be repaid if exhibition is cancelled or opening date is altered or cancellation is reduced due to force majeure, special situation which is not attributable to sponsor. In this case, exhibitor cannot claim damage to manager.
    B. If participation is cancelled after allocating booth due to internal situation of exhibitor, the already paid participation fee and incidental charge shall not be repaid.
    C. Exhibitor will receive full refund of utility cost upon cancellation.

    7. Taking in the Installation and Exhibited Items
    A. Exhibitor shall completely take in and display equipment and exhibited items in the allocated exhibition area during designated period.

    8. Taking out Exhibited Items and Equipment
    A. During exhibition, the exhibited items and equipment shall not be taken out in principle. They shall be taken out only after confirmation of manager.
    B. Exhibitor shall take out all exhibited items and equipment within designated term after exhibition. If taking out them is delayed, exhibitor shall immediately pay manager the overall charge to be borne by manager.
    C. Exhibitor will receive full refund of utility cost upon cancellation.

    9. Exhibition Security, Risk Bearing and Insurance
    A. Manager shall take proper security measure for exhibitor and visitors.
    B. Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for damage and theft of equipment and exhibited items in the allocated area during term of exhibition, installation and removal.
    C. If manager or others suffer damage due to fire, theft, damage and other accident caused by exhibitor's intentional or erroneous act, exhibitor shall be fully responsible for indemnifying for damage.

    10. Installation of Transformed/Independent or Wooden Booths
    A. Exhibitor shall use wooden materials or other materials subject to the risk of fire in the booth only after submitting certificate of flame-retardant in advance.
    B. Using basic outlet: The installation of extra exhibition such as modifying booth design shall be done only by electric installation company registered to manager. The unregistered exhibition company may participate in the installation and exhibition only after prior safety diagnosis of exhibition installation company designated by manager..

    11. Fire Prevention
    A. The equipment and all materials in the exhibition hall shall be properly treated for fireproof in accordance with the law of fire fighting. If necessary, manager request exhibitor to make correction related to fire prevention.

    12. Additional Rules
    A. If necessary, manager may enact supplementary regulation which is not specified in the contract of participation.
    B. The supplementary regulation constitutes part of contract of participation and it shall be observed by exhibitor.
    C. All exhibitors shall observe the overall regulations of KOTRA.

    13. Dispute Settlement
    A. The interpretation of this contract of participation and dispute over the right and obligation arising between manager and exhibitor shall be governed by the award of arbitration of Korea Commercial Arbitration Board. No party shall file a lawsuit to the court.